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Occupational Health Nurse

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Orano Canada Inc.

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Order #: 5947289

Posted Date: 22-Sep-2022

Location: mcclean lake mine

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Positions Available: 1

Employment Terms: Full Time

Experience: 1-2 Years

Education: University Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

-Perform client assessment, planning, implementation of care, and on-going evaluation of patient(s)
-Administrate medical surveillance program (annual testing/annual medicals)
-Liaise with the company doctor
-Facilitate First Aid training and other health related sessions
-Manage health programs including immunizations
-Revise and create procedures and work instructions
-Compile and submit injury statistics reports
-Perform site-wide health inspections
-Participate in emergency training exercises with the Emergency Response Team
-Support the Radiation Protection

Apply by: 13-Oct-2022

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